Blinding of Valves and Sea Chests, Overhaul of Valves

Our task teams consisting of divers and mechanics are ready for assignments world-wide. Our personnel are ready to mobilize for international assignments with mobile diving stations and equipment/personnel.

We have a wide range of blanks/cofferdams to blank of any type of valve/ transducer or other sub sea equipment. We also assist in the overhauling of any type of underwater equipment like winches, thrusters, pumps and more.

Our equipment:

  • Plugs to blank of valves from 20 – 350 mm
  • Covers with diameter 300 – 600 mm
  • Transducer cofferdams

Our skilled mechanics have experience/tools from worldwide services on valves, winches, thrusters, transducers and more of common types and sizes. Please contact us for inquiry about any scope!