Strand Jacks

Techno Dive AS has following strandjacks:

6 jacks Enerpac HSL300 à 30 Tons.

3 jacks Enerpac HSL700 à 70 Tons.

4 jacks à 40 Tons.

They can be used in heavy lowering and lifting operation, such as removal and installation of thrusters.

Strand jacks or “wire-jekk” is controlled by using a computer. This gives us a safe and secure lifting/lowering operation.

Using strand jacks gives an accurate force recommended to be used.

Technical data:
SWL: 300kN @ 115 bar – each strandjack.
When using 1 set (3 pc) total lift appr. 90 T
Weight each strandjack: appr. 470 kg

Our personnStrand jacks (2)el has participated in operation course at Enerpac in Netherland.
They are also practical trained at Techno Dives workshop.