Structural Repairs and Upgrades

Our task teams are ready for any project handling under water structural repairs. We have a wide range of equipment and our divers/ task teams are available for under water work like installation, welding, cutting, corrosion control, grinding and water blasting.

We can assist you with any sub sea problem including:
Brainstorming and definition of solutions both for wet work (using divers) or using dry habitats (cofferdams), and implementation of the solution. The benefit for the customer is avoiding the need to dry dock the vessel. Typical projects we successfully have executed:

  • Changed entire hull plates using cofferdam
  • Install new equipment like transducers, valves and other by changing hull sections
  • Change of entire sea chests, gratings and more
  • Installations and removals of spud can extensions

Please contact us for any need you might have!