Underwater Welding/Painting

Techno Dive has long experience of performing various maintenance and repair work under water. We have a wide range of underwater tools and equipment. We are ready to take responsibilities for:

  • Installations of anodes
  • Crack-/pitting repairs
  • Installation of pipe supports
  • Change of hull sections (using dry habitats/cofferdams)

After underwater repairs our underwater paint system might be of interest. Our underwater epoxies are used as underwater coatings (paintings) as well as underwater adherent- and sealing material. They are adhesive to various materials such as steel, metal, concrete, stone, wood as well as to material changing spots (like steel/concrete). Of course do underwater epoxies also adhere to wet surfaces above water and are applicable under humid climate conditions.

Techno Dive AS represent SubSeaPaint (www.subseapaint.com) for the offshore industry and this unique system has been successfully used for:

  • Die electronic shields around ICCP-anodes
  • Sealing of thrusters
  • Sealing of hull cracks
  • Corrosion protection

We will be very happy to discuss any needs you might have!