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Heavy Lifting Technology

We offer computer controlled strand jacks with a capacity of up to 70 tons each.


Strand Jacks

These jacks, originally designed for concrete post tensioning systems, are today used in multiple areas by industries that are in demand of strong, compact and precise lifting. In Techno Dive we operate with jacks from Enerpac, which is one of the worlds most significant suppliers of hydraulic equipment. Enerpac also hosts extensive training courses, which in our operators has attended.

In Techno Dive`s common use, we benefit from the jack systems in change-outs of underwater mountable thrusters on rigs and larger vessels, but we have also put them to use in unconventional scenarios. For instance, they have been applied to long distance pipe pulling where the jack is mounted on a custom angled frame. The jacks can also be interconnected with each other in the computer software, which further increases the lifting capacity and possibilities.

The hydraulic systems are packed in 10ft containers for efficient mobilization to where they are needed.