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Meet Techno Dive

A solid supplier of subsea services

We strive to offer a balance between professionalism and humbleness, while constantly being molded by the evolution of the industries.


Quality delivery in a safe and efficient manner

Techno Dive, as the name suggests, has its origins as a pure diving company. Over the years the company has gathered comprehensive knowledge of subsea constructions, installations and vessels, enabling us to assist the different business areas in which we operate in today. We take pride in providing value on all levels to whomever we encounter and we have great tradition for successfully performing projects. Our continuous ambition is to be open for all possibilities and to provide a quality delivery of our services – performed in a safe and efficient manner.


Techno Dive was initially incorporated in 1976 under a different name in the Oslofjord of Norway. In the early beginning, the company’s main focus was to assist ships along the coastline with general underwater work and inspections. As time went on into the 1980s, the company started to involve in the rapid development of the oil and gas industry in the country.


The new industry implied an increase in types of vessels and maritime constructions, heightening the complexity and demands of the diving operations. As a consequence, the company moved its business to the Haugesund-area of Norway in the 90s, strategically locating itself in proximity to the Norwegian Continental Shelf and the yards of the west coast. Here Techno Dive had the best foundation for further development of subsea engineering solutions and the company soon included mechanical and rigging competencies in the service portfolio.

Techno Dive today

Today Techno Dive is a modern subsea entrepreneur operating in several service fields – with mobilizations both along the Norwegian coastline and globally. Our main focus is to establish well functioning systems, invest in a competent and encouraged organization and to always put deliverance of quality services as our first priority.


We are still renowned for being the problem solving, fast mobilizing company, which always has been a part of our culture.


In 2015 we moved into new purpose built headquarters were we still reside, completely fitted with a generously spaced warehouse, workshop and administration facilities.

Our future

As the technological development and digitalization has sped up in the later years, we feel confident that we will meet the future with smart solutions. We are currently well in route in developing our own customer report systems, which will improve the document flow towards the people we co-operate with.


Techno Dive has also in the recent years invested heavily in quality equipment, to make sure we are prepared for the demands of tomorrow.


Our ambition is to be an all-round reference company in the global diving society.

Our services