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Techno Dive Equipment

Quality equipment makes us efficient and reliable


Dive Control Containers

Our dive control containers features state-of-the art dive panels and systems approved by IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association). We use advanced depth and video monitoring systems recording all parameters and footage of the dive.

The stations are self-sufficient with their own compressor and tool shop making 24/7 operations possible. With everything packed into 20ft  standardized container sizes the units are easily loaded and shipped to wherever needed – worldwide if necessary.

Dive Decompression Chambers

As one of our safety measures we have hyperbaric chambers on standby while on projects as a emergency response in case of decompression sickness. These are fully equipped with living quarters and come in 20ft container-based systems.


Remotely Operated Vehicles can act as an inspection substitute to traditional diving, reducing or replacing the need for a diver in the water. Deployable on short notice, and with few people involved, it serves as an effective alternative to inspections where hands-on work is not needed.

Techno Dive uses custom made ROVs with more thrusters (8 individual) and a higher quality camera than most factory bought ones. It features gadgets like depth hold (steady position on chosen depth), auto stabilizer, grapple and a 1080 full HD camera.

Hydraulic Strand Jacks

We offer computer controlled strand jacks with a capacity of up to 70 tons each. These jacks, originally designed for concrete post tensioning systems, are today used in multiple areas by industries that are in demand of strong, compact and precise lifting.


Techno Dive`s in house trailer makes rapid mobilization a possibility. As a perfect match for transporting our containers and equipment, the trailer is always ready to go on short notice.

Dry habitats

Dry habitats and cofferdam solutions can be applied when a subsea construction has a need for a dry repair. This method of making a dry environment below sea level can reduce the need for docking and can serve as a viable and less costly option.

We design and engineer all kinds of dry-habitats. We also have a number of fabricated habitats in our warehouse, suitable for use on general areas. The modules are always strength tested and certified for the purpose prior to use.