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Underwater engineering and Problem Solving


Underwater engineering and Problem Solving

Techno Dive holds an engineering culture based on years of experience and we consist of problem solvers ready to assist in both straightforward and complex tasks. Our personnel portfolio consist of driven people with a combination of practical and technical knowledge, making real world solutions possible with a high grade of precision and cost-efficiency.
Over the years, we have built up a large archive of technical drawings from all sorts of different vessels and subsea arrangements. Also in stock at our warehouse is an extensive variety of dry habitats and cofferdams, ranging from generally shaped habitats to tailor-made propeller encapsulation units.
Our track record of solved projects gives us an edge when approaching new challenges. Having served for decades under different circumstances – be it continents, work scope or time frames – we have laid the foundation for continuing this track record of successfully performing projects.
Typical projects we successfully have executed: